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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  April 24, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> in the stocks? >> both. >> earnings are halfway there. apple will continue to build on its gains. >> i want to hear what first earnings call had to say. >> "fast money" coming up in a few seconds here. melissa lee. >> wild roller coaster ride for a few big earnings reports to trade. plus exclusive with the ceo of sun power on the tail of its earnings. >> we'll let you get to it. >> breaking news. amazon's conference call starting right now. the stock, a wild ride. but it is higher right now by human resources than 2.5%. getting a pop on earnings. the new ceo will be starting the conference call. pandora, getting hit hard. is this a buying opportunity. our traders are pete, steve, dan
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and guy. we kick it off with amazon as this call gets underway. ceo is highlighting the companies move into fire tv and new deal with hbo. how are you treating this one? >> i think when you look at amazon, it's been a story about what can they do next. the spending has been an issue everybody has been talking about of the last two years. it's up 66%. up another 23% on this call. they have been doing everything that they want to do to get the street to start to like them. they have got to earn more money. they put a lot of cost into the warehouse thing. i think the street is starting to digest this now and the stock is not getting a great reaction. it is up. >> you want to get paid more. the truth is that it's been priced in. if the stock is down, it got hit so hard and aggressively last earning season, this time people are willing to give it the
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benefit of the doubt. >> are you giving it the benefit of the doubt? >> i'm fully allocated right now. although i did sell my bank of america. i would be a buyer. >> benefit of the doubt. we're an hour into the after-market here. i don't think this thing holds. netflix, this week, it's made lower lows. these stocks are in down strends and investors are being pickier at what they want to own at what valuation level. >> if the overall market holds, this is buyable. >> that makes a lot of stocks buyable. >> 2/3 the overall market. >> core business. the margins are razor thin. shipping costs were up 31%. it went to 5% of sales from 4.7% last year. >> operating margins were lousy. now, they report the same
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quarter with the stock trading 400 and it's down $30 not up to $10. i think we have done a good job with the stock. we talked about it on april 16th. here's the first time in a while you can trade this into earnings. this quarter is not remarkable. i'm sort of in the dan and pete camp. i'm not saying short amazon. i'm say if you got in when we told you to, you would take profits at these levels. >> he said these guys are spending like drunken sailors. this is something that has to be taken into account. you love to see they're moving? the right direction. they are spending money. >> it sounds like the love affair with amazon the over. >> not even by a long shot. they got beat up. the whole idea is it's a great story. that's what you do. you pay for future earnings. on this desk who doesn't use
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amazon to buy -- >> it doesn't matter. >> you don't have a computer. >> listen, this stock went parabolic last year and had the same issue about spending. sales are growing at 20%. that's fantastic but the investor mood has changed. >> yeah. >> to me, i think these stocks that are in the down trends are going to break the lows. you do not want to be buying this right now. >> i hate to say i hate you all. >> we knew that already. >> amazon highs up by 3%. for more, let's bring in senior vp of equity research. aaron did you like the quarter. >> a little bit of a mixed bag. i think revenues were stronger in q4. margins were softer than we expected. about 2.5%.
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we're looking 2.9%. a little softer there. clearly still investment mode. i agree, they do need to start to show some increasing leverage. >> amazon shares, now taking a sharp turn to the down side. it's down by 1%. this is clearly a very volatile stock in the after hour session. at this point we made the point here on the trading desk that amazon is going to start being like a regular company and showing some profit. can they decide to turn the spigot on at some point? >> yeah. they're making initiatives. closer to the end user. shipping vehicles. they raised amazon prime pricing. so they do have some things they can turn that will drive up operating profits. not going to happen overnight. >> aaron, you have a buy rating and i think it's a $434 price
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target. are you prepared to make changes to that model at all? >> i can't comment right now. i think longer term still positive for amazon. >> aaron, we'll let you get back on the conference call. you're skeptical, dan. how did you express this trade? you did put a trade on amazon. >> if the stock popped i'm going to buy puts tomorrow. i went into the near term trying to make a quick bet, not too different than the move we saw out of pandora tonight. i think investors, if their not getting the beat and raise, this is not the environment to be long. i'm playing for that pullback. if it bounces on the open. >> 348, that's the level. >> of course, keeping track of amazon, the conference call about 6:30 minutes in. stock giving up its gains.
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microsoft share jumping higher. let's go to josh lipton. >> microsoft reports and rises in the after hours. the street is looking for 63 cents on revenue of 20.44 billion. microsoft reports 68 cents. commercial revenue clocked in at 12.2 billion. office, revenue both up over 100%. and devices and consumer division, revenue at 8.3 billion. windows revenue that microsoft gets, that was up 4%. hardware revenue grew 15% and microsoft sold 2 million xbox consoles. the street wants to hear more detail about the company's newer strategies like making office available for the ipad. dell also making it clear that
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cloud a key part of his strategy to jump start growth. want more details on how that business is performing. i'll bring you updates later in the hour. >> thanks so much. 49 is where microsoft is and that is still off of its 52-week high. >> i think you buy this strength as opposed to amazon. the one thing josh didn't mention is operating margins. almost 35% operating margins. pete has talked about this ad nauseam, the death of the pc didn't die. look at apple's numbers yesterday and microsoft's quarter now. they have gotten themselves in the different businesses and they have diversified. >> he changed the course of microsoft and by the sheer fact he's going to be on this conference call that is a departure from steve bomber who
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did not participate in these calls. >> he brings a bit of a swag factor back that they hadn't had in a long time. and the intelligence. this is all about growth. that's a the area he came from. he built it up. and keeping a close eye on this as well. when you look at this quarter on top of the last couple of quarters, melissa, they have been impressive beyond and gone in the right direction and under the new leadership and lot of folks i think satayia has got them moving in the right way. >> to me, i think he made a very big mistake coming in in his first quarter. i would have set myself up to beat expectations. >> maybe he did. >> well, he didn't. this is a company that has no growth. you know what i mean? yes, if they're moving this office 365, fantastic but -- >> i don't get that though. because you're saying he should
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have taken down the guidance and we're seeing them -- >> he had one shot to do it. you blame the old guy. what are you talking about. this is new ceo 101. >> there's nothing to blame. that's a the thing. they feel like they're operating their business the best they have in almost two decades. >> they're knee deep in the surface stuff. >> oh really? >> yeah. >> you say it with sarcasm. we will be on the conference call and bring you updates. we got to talk about the broader markets. there was supposed to be a apple driven rally. take a look at the action on facebo facebook. that wasn't positive. we had financials rolling over here. mr. -- he's grumpy tonight by the way. >> when isn't he? >> apple saved the day.
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this price action in the morning felt crashy and apple which buy foredated for the market more than a year ago, today without apple -- >> and every reason to follow apple but they chose to react to gee political news. if you look at it technically it is setting up for a head and shoulders pattern. we're forming that right shoulder of the head and shoulders pattern. >> i don't know which shoulders you're talking about right now. all this stuff. >> this is one thing steve and i agreed on, we're still stuck in the range. the one thing i would say about apple is how about caterpillar? they crushed it today. absolute lit crushed it and the guidance was strong.
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everybody thinks it's a mining company. it's a power company and do a lot of things right now. the mining is still failure for them but other areas picking up. >> the beginning of the month we said it was too early to break that down. we said that the best thing that could happen for the bears was the s&p recapture that level and sort of mee aander now. 1834 is the number i think you're going to have to be looking for. >> starbucks, the company mentioned a potential stake in soda stream. and google. getting into the solar space with a new partnership. we have got the details with the ceo of sun power off the earnings call straight ahead. o) to a fidelity ira. it gives you a wide range of investment options... and the free help you need
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shares of starbucks trading higher. revenues coming in slightly below estimates. joining us from the conference call, jane. >> melissa, howard schultz turned it over to the other executives. there's no word of head winds or talk of weather or coffee prices and commodities or anything like
5:16 pm
that. it's all pretty amazing and starbucks is really proving these new companies are a huge mashup. are you a technology company? do you sell coffee? he is examining that now and the potential is another future revenue stream. starbucks payments, he called it stars and currency is proving to be so successful it is making wait time shorter. driving sales. he thinks that is something they can license to other people to use. 56 cents a share. record revenues came in about $3.9 billion. 6% sales growth. it is now 17 quarters in a row they have had 5% or better for overall sales growth and he talked about real estate and how they are reenvisioning store
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designs and drive throughs in particular. >> highly profitable drive throughs represent an opportunity for us. and with this tremendous success of our recently introduced drew through only stores with walkup windows. >> they have one of those that opened up six months ago out by my house. a line around the block of cars. like three people walk up to the window. everybody wants to stay in their car. he also talked about t bars. they opened them up in seattle. the oprah winfrey partnership rolls out tuesday with the toc you call it. they have been testing these hand crafted cold carbon ated beers. no word yet, nothing about soda
5:18 pm
stream. back to you. >> we'll check back in with you. interesting licensing in the mobile technology. >> jane was addressing something talking about weather. the reason she brought that up was dunkin' donuts brought that up. i think the other side is not only to they continue to work in the right direction and obviously the t, another spot where they have some innovative potential to go forward, but 1,500 more stores is what they plan on opening. this is a company that's got some monster expansion in front of it. >> so you're there. >> i love this name. >> it topped out in november and made an all-time high. if you want to belong to this thing, it's great. if it breaks and the market gets ugly it's going in the mid 60s. >> was this your triangle of
5:19 pm
death? >> might have been. it's been along the 70 level. the fact it broke that momentum last year makes me nervous. >> the ceo of starbucks will be joining us tomorrow. let's take a look at some of the other big after hours movers. pandora, guy, getting hit right now down by 3%. certainly off the session lows. pete. >> it's interesting to see the bounce. some of the numbers looked okay but the overall is negative. this is a stock that was $40, pulled back to 29. i started dipping in this one. it's slipping down. so i'm going to melt and i think you want to wait for a while in pandora. >> and next up, visa coming in light on revenues.
5:20 pm
>> this is not a good quarter at all. i think you got to give this a couple days. trade it down. you know, here's the stock that has not performed for the last couple months. i think it does trade in at low 190s. >> next las vegas. >> they find their growth not in las vegas. it finds it in mccow. this is where you're going to find growth. they also have singapore. but the problem is wynn up 10% year to date. >> last up, four shares of baidu up 5% here. >> yeah. and you want to see that. to me this is a tough one. i was eyeing the 140 level. it looks like an interesting support level there.
5:21 pm
i'll make one point. there's been talk about this alibaba filing. i think once investors dig deeper into alibaba they're going to have a lot of new metrics to compare against baidu. just like the starbuck's, i would use 140 on the down side. you don't want to be below that. >> coming up next, spotting some major call buying in one high flying chip name. plus nadella's first conference call in minutes. stay tuned.
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atdd#: 1-800-345-2550 life inspires your trading. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 where others see fads... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 see opportunities. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're here to help tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 turn inspiration into action. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 we have intuitive platforms tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 to help you discover what's trending. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and seasoned market experts to help sharpen your instincts. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so you can take charge tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 of your trading. welcome back to "fast money." breaking news on the index
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front. the s&p dow jones industry group is announcing changes taking affect by april 30th. in this move navy yent mr. replace sally mae. a loan operator and management company. navient replacing sally mae and under armour shares which were weak in regular session trading today are up about 3% in the after hour trade. it will be be included in the s&p 500 as of the close of business april 30th. all of these changes coming into affect at the end of this month. under armour and navient becoming part of that. >> everything i looked at looked
5:26 pm
like it was an absolute crush. apparel was up and footwear was, too. >> gross margins were up, too. which is rare. >> very, very impressive. not that i was right or wrong. now this helps a bit. >> isn't it fair to say it might not have had anything to do with the results but traded at 15 times -- >> yeah. >> it fits in that category. to me, 50, you were daring to step in right there. >> a lot of people were warning me about that. i still liked it and i felt like the growth strategy was so strong that it builds going forward even though the multiple is very high. >> do you hold or fade on this? >> i'm going to probably hold it. i think it's going to return towards 55, 60. >> pete was watching a chip maker. one that we watch very often. >> yes, we talk about this name all the time. a stock that hit a 52 week high
5:27 pm
today. 180,000 calls on the day total traded. july 30 calls, another 25,000 of those. people looking for this name to break up and get up above $30 a share. >> if you overly -- deram looks like it's rolling over. it might be interesting to see if it could hold price here. >> microsoft call officially underway in three minutes. all the headlines the street is waiting for in the first conference call. and later tech tighten and google and we are joined bid the ceo of sun power. stay tuned. >> that's hot.
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if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. microsoft's earnings call underway after a solid earnings beat. let's bring in senior analyst at
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markets. dan, great to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> what's your number one question? >> i think it's more about the cloud in terms of him taking the success that he realenvisioned the cloud specific around windows and how he is going to successfully integrade nokia. that continues to be the head scratcher. >> is that going to be a head win? nokia has 32,000 employees in terms of integration? >> i would call it a hurricane head wind. he's trying to turn the cleveland browns into a playoff contender. this is something that he inherited. but that's going to be the challenge. for microsoft to be successful, obviously, it's cloud, it's getting away from pcs, but they have got to be successful on mobile and nokia is front and center there. >> look at the past couple quarters. they have been really solid.
5:32 pm
it feels like microsoft is operating as best they have. to me, at 14 times earnings given the fact all their businesses seem to be working now, i think the stock is still cheap at 41 bucks. >> i agree. you have to separate it between the core business. really getting away from some of the pc head winds. t you have got a glass half full situation. it's talking the talk and walking the walk. we're definitely in a much better situation than we were on the bomb error are. i think investors are starting to see the benefits of nadella. bomber never got within five miles of the conference call. >> what happens when we start to segue more into future growth with cloud?
5:33 pm
what happens to mar jgins then? do we get a break down where we want to be? >> i definitely would see margin compression. i think investors want to see that in terms of near term paying for long term gain. i think in terms of nadella is getting a get out of jail free card in terms of missed out now. so now it's really about them trying to skate to where the puck is going. they've got to get there through investments and even some more acquisitions that we can see specifically in the cloud. >> all right. dan, we're going to leave it there. thanks for your time. keep in mind, 4166. that's a 52-week high. meantime amazon shares flipping. on the amazon earnings call. what's the latest?
5:34 pm
>> we have been listening to the call. to be completely fair it's what you would expect from an amazon call. not giving us a lot of detail. that being said, we don't have jeff on the call. we have cfo, tom skutak and he's acknowledging they're continuing to add more customers and that's the reason they have seen acceleration in growth. we have seen the price increase at 25%. that rolled out last month. so still in early stages there when he was asked about that. basically said this is still early and prime subscribers have continued to grow week over week but not giving us any more color other than that. i think the most interesting headlines tying back to in the earnings report. they said streaming for video actually tripled.
5:35 pm
also saying they're working hard to keep fire tv in stock and that hbo-go is going to be rolling out by the end of the year. reiterating that. we are going to keep listening to the call. if we have more, we will bring it to you. back to you melissa. >> thanks so much on amazon. if it is truly falling out of investor favor, it is down 18% from its recent high. then all these things are not going to be enough. fire tv is great but -- i mean, that's nothing. >> gary bucy -- >> he's awesome. >> we talked about on the closing bell and we talked about when this show opened when the stock was north of 345 we have got to take profits. i don't think this quarter was spectacular at all. it was marginal at best. >> let's go to dom at head quarters for the latest. >> how about a 7% jump to the up
5:36 pm
side for deckers. a smaller than expected 8 cents a share. narrower than what wall street was expecting. remember this is uggs boots. the shares were up about 7 %. maybe a decent sign for the consumer. back over to you. >> big pop, they're up 7%. >> investors always think about the stock as just the boots that dan loves to wear. they also have the sandals which i like to wear. so this is a name where you can buy, but i would definitely wait until this pulls back. i don't like to buy them on a flag pole here. >> this is a company that has produced time and time again. even up $5 in the post market. this is not an expensive company at all by any stretch. it's under a 20 multiple presently and forward. certainly this is a solid name. >> i think you hate the stock.
5:37 pm
>> i own ugg boots. i have two daughters. it's a sort of stock that has seasonal patterns. i think you buy it when it's down and looks relatively cheap into a new product cycle. >> guys you should not be wearing sandals. >> sandals at all? >> ever. >> how about in hot climates? >> do you know old guys have those disgusting toenails. so if you are in his age bracket, do not -- it's trade school right there. >> throw that up there. it's trade school. >> google and sun power. joining forces to make solar power at homes. fresh off the earnings call. the ceo and president of sun power, tom werner joins us after the break. and predicting the winner of the stanley cup playoffs. two major hockey alumni join the desk live.
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. time for pops and drops. etna up 6%. >> the stock was in favor then out of favor now bouncing back.
5:41 pm
i'm not sure people don't know what the affordable care act is going to do with these things. >> if you go back and look, these stocks are volatile. >> dr horton up 8%. >> their earnings jump and sales prices. they did everything correct. this is a volatile sector. i think on this stock pop, i think it's going to get a pullback. i would sell some into it. >> and we got a pop for hermes, a $14,000,000 baseba baseball g. you can pick up a baseball bat for a near $1,900.
5:42 pm
>> if some dude is wearing that glove and he gets up, i'm drilling him. i'm going to say this is coming right at your ribs. if you want to flinch, that's fine but i'm knocking you down. >> and a $1,900 bat? >> that he's just not right. >> go to sports authority. >> i tell him it's coming. i'm going to drill him. >> it's not good sports manship. >> he's talking about playing with 2nd graders, too. >> energy stocks. dan. >> traded massive call volumes. average daily total volume, 95% was calls and two big trades. there were call spreads where somebody looked out to january expiration and bought 50,000 of the 120 135 call spread. $8 million in premium. it doesn't break even until 20%
5:43 pm
higher with the max gain 35% higher on expiration. my guess is it's so far out of the money this is somebody who is long and looking to get dollar cheap premium leverage to the up side. >> also, check out the website, option still ahead we hear from the microsoft ceo in his very first conference call up next. ♪ s still ahead we hear from the microsoft ceo in his very first conference call up next. action.. still ahead we hear from the microsoft ceo in his very first conference call up next. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪
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[ grunting ]
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i'm taking off, but, uh, don't worry. i'm gonna leave the tv on for you. and if anything happens, don't forget about the new xfinity my account app. you can troubleshoot technical issues here. if you make an appointment, you can check out the status here.
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you can pay the bill, too. but don't worry about that right now. okay. how do i look? ♪ thanks. [ male announcer ] troubleshoot, manage appointments, and bill pay from your phone. introducing the xfinity my account app. sun power up 20% in just is past week boosted by news of a brand new $250 million partnership with google. joining us now is sun power president and ceo tom werner. always great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> a lot of investors like your company because of the diversity in your portfolio. with this new google partnership and expansion of the leasing business, how does that mix change, if at all? >> well, with google and with
5:47 pm
bank of america, we have two lease partners that have the ability to scale rather rapidly. so it gives us a really, really bright future in residential. if i look forward, i think it would be a little more bullish. and we purposely diversify. >> you said you saw strong demand in the roof top business. is that a function of the strength of the housing market, of consumer confidence? what's driving this? what we see in solar is costs have come down and people understand that it's pretty risk-free. energy prices have not come down so people can have clean energy and save money, so that combination means the residential market is red hot. >> you know, on the conference call you talked about different
5:48 pm
structures like perhaps a holding company. what could that look like if you went that route and could there if be a spinoff of the residential leasing business? >> it gives us two things. one, it allows us to build the project and hold it. so we take risk out and sell it for a higher price because we have dericsked it. our product is high reliability, produces more energy and of course we'll listen to our shareholders on what is the best structure of the company. there's certainly no plans to change the structure but always in tune with what is best for shareholders. >> second quarter, can you talk to that? obviously the street is looking past it for a lot of different reasons. the second quarter guidance wasn't great.
5:49 pm
can you speak to that? >> first quarter was extremely good quarter. we beat the high end by 20%. so we had a great first quarter. a little bit of pull-in. the second thing is you put some of the projects on to the balance sheet and not the p and l. we have got earnings which we expect to be greater in '15. the last thing is we raised guidance for the year. four months into the year we have raised guidance twice. >> what are you seeing in china in terms of demand? what's the pipeline look like? >> incredible. you know, there we have a 408-jv. the up side demand is phenomenal and way more than we can produce in the near term. we have seen a similar phenomenon in japan. >> thanks so much for your time.
5:50 pm
we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me again. >> tom werner the ceo of sun power. some very, very bullish comments on china. to say the up side demand is phenomenal. you don't hear that too often from a ceo. >> the last time we talked about saying it's going to be volatile. you can't sell it here. i think it's going to continue to go higher. he mentioned and explained why the second quarter guidance was sloppy. i think the stock could trade north of 45 bucks. >> and ceo howard's comments. >> the ceo did mention the acute extreme weather and they had the most disruption to hours due to weather which makes them all the more, quote, ecstatic. coffee prices, they have it locked in for 40% of 2015 at
5:51 pm
prices better than now. they are as protected as anybody to fluctuating coffee prices. they don't know what it may be down the road. if we have an -- they did talk about licenses and both tech companies and national retailers are approaching them. howard schultz saying they're doing way more than five trend sections on mobile phones. way more than five million a week. tech companies don't have the interfaces with the consumer. retailers are behind on technology. they see it could be a very significant upside but thinking about it. their keg cup business grew and nobody hasn't asked about soda stream yet and haven't mentioned it. >> what? what's the trade on starbucks?
5:52 pm
>> itg has had 68 1/2 and saw there a couple times and bounced. i think you trade it from the long side with the levels that dan and i mentioned earlier in the show. >> fresh off of microsoft's earnings. we need to go to josh lipton for the latest. >> on the conference call, nadella making his debut and started talking about the future of the tech industry and how he saw microsoft's role in that industry again emphasizing that mobile first, cloud first vision he's talked about. he said there were two words he would use to describe this quarter. take a listen to what he told analysts. >> i sum up this quart never two words, execution and transition. we delivered solid financial results and we took several steps to reorient microsoft. >> nadella is also talking about
5:53 pm
the commercial cloud business and flagged that as an important business, a way to jump start growth at microsoft. pointing out that commercial cloud revenue more than doubled in the quarter. the ceo just beginning to guidance that the acquisition will close tomorrow. she said commercial revenue in q4 will be $14.3 billion. back to you. >> thanks for that. what's the trade? >> cloud has been the catch phrase. if it's the catch phrase that means even is doing and margin compression will happen. not now but sooner rather than later. i think you should lock in profits. >> kramer has got a jam packed technology show tonight. jim is checking the tech all
5:54 pm
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stanley cup playoffs in full swing and a heated season with the rangers. operations in both philly and new york. two nhl legends. let's bring in joe watson and rod jober. great to have you here. >> you guys remind me of like some of the guys on tv where they predict who is going to win and -- >> it's what we do in stocks. >> they all know about hockey. but you guys know certainly about this. >> you actually, mr., jober, you have two stock picks. comcast and brown -- >> no, that's me. >> oh, that's you. >> the reason why comcast is we have brian roberts at the helm. whatever he touches turns to
5:58 pm
gold. he's very creative, sharp. and wonderful owner, man, wonderful family. and brown, jack daniels what can i say? jack daniels. >> jack and cable. so anybody who watches the show knows i know nothing about -- >> nothing. >> basically. >> so i will let you -- >> joe watson and his brother jimmy played for the flyers. legend as well. rangers/flyers, 2-1. can the flyers win the series? >> i'll tell you what if we can score, we will win. i think everything has to fall in place. i think the rangers are quicker than us. their goal tending is subper b and our goal tending -- >> suspect. >> i'm not saying emery didn't
5:59 pm
play well. i thought he played good enough to win a game. you got to excel in the playoffs to be successful. >> it's the toughest place to play like the flyers like any team. i recall when we lost in the '74, we won all three games at madison square garden. now it's different. the rangers went in there and picked a game up like the last game and it was impressive. so i favored the rangers at this time. of course, with our goal tending -- you want to talk about stock, too? >> we are running out of time. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> after hours. >> thanks so much for coming by. >> yum, yum, yum. >> that's your final trade. >> pete. >> i'm sticking with chesapeake energy. >> amazon, wait and see if the s&p holds on to 1856 before you jump into amazon.
6:00 pm
>> german equity is long. >> rangers win this in five. mr. jobert knows i'm right. >> our thanks my mission is simple: to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull working somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." i'm just trying to make a little money. my job is to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-747-cbc or tweet me@jim cramer. it's the revenge of t


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